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Are you tired of having to wastewater down the drain every time you shower? Are you tired of throwing money down the drain?

Every time you wait for hot water to exit the showerhead, the first/cold water is lost down the drain! This is clean drinking water that goes to waste with every shower! You can save this water easily by using the ICY DIVERTER. South Africa is one of the most water-scarce countries, we cannot afford to waste a single drop of water anymore.

The Icy Diverter diverts or reroutes first / cold shower water before the hot water reaches the showerhead. By installing this device into your shower plumbing, you are now able to divert, collect and use this potable water efficiently, saving you money, water, energy and ultimately the planet!

Visit our website at www.divertshowerwater.co.za for more information or to purchase your own Icy Diverter.



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