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Injector Service and Refurbishment.     (EFI – GDI – Piezo)

Most injectors can be serviced !
There is absolutely no need to always replace injectors.

Well Maintained Injectors help with:
  Restoring Power
Fuel Economy Smoother idle
Miss fires
Flat spots in acceleration
Hesitating – Jerking
Starting Difficulty’s

Testing Includes
  Cleaning externally Cleaning internally on a computerized machine
19 point Computerized Spray Pattern & atomization test
Flow Rates / Volume test
Injector Leak Test
Internal Coil integrity test
Inductance Test
Replacing Internal Micro Filters
Replacing upper and lower o-rings
Replacing pintle caps where necessary
Replacing lower Teflon Seals on GDI injectors R80 extra.

Fully restoring your injectors to a like new condition !


  • Condition : Recondition
  • Item Type : Auto part


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