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Thermal Fogging Machine (water mist and smoke) Card Payments Only

Our Fogger is easy to use and has a maintenance-free pulse jet engine design allowing low cost fogging.

Key Features:
– Pulse Power, 3 times atomization (0.001 Microns)
– Double Tube water cooling to increase efficiency.
– No rotating parts, no lubrication system, no wearing between parts.
– Long service life and simple maintenance.
– Compound double carburettor
– High-temperature burst tube.
– Large capacity Lithium battery
– 304 material cooling bucket
– Full copper valves
– Chemical and Water Tank in one machine, simple and flexible to use.
– Low water consumption, 30kg of water for 1200m2
– Can be operated by one person.
– Long spraying distance, water mist can reach 7-8 meters, smoke can reach 30-50 meters.
– Vertical and direct spray do not flameout.
– Suitable for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry, Industry and Healthcare services.
– With a low fuel consumption and high spray efficiency, this is ideal for spraying pesticides and disinfection.
– Portable (tank on shoulder and sprayer in hand)

– Certification: CE, GB10395.6-2006 LY/T1196 1-2004, GB10395. 1-2009
– Weight: 10.8kg
– Size: 130x27x35.5cm
-Max. Spray capacity: 90 Litres /h
– Solution Capacity: 16 Litres
– Oil Tank: 1.7 Litres
– Pulse Jet Engine
– Oil: Gas NO.92#(or higher); consumption is less than 2.5 litres.
– Battery: 12V Lithium
– Working Temp: -10 ~ 4degC


  • Condition: New


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